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Corporate culture

1.Corporate vision

Vision: Global leading commercial LCD solution provider

Mission: Innovating to serve the society, Creating excellent Value

2.Business philosophy

Integrity and pragmatism–Integrity is the magic weapon of our company to build brand trust.We take integrity as the foundation and pursue the stable and long-term development of the enterprise. Pragmatic is a state. Only when they are down-to-earth, can they be thousands of miles away.

Excellent innovation — Pursuing excellent work process and result, Achieving all tasks efficiently, continuously pursuing product innovation, service innovation, thinking innovation and mechanism innovation to satisfy enterprise development needs.

Serve the society — Actively assume greater social responsibilities, be responsible to employees and customers; promote the service spirit of the company’s dedication to society and employees’ dedication to the enterprise.

3.Core culture

Simple — “Being obedient”. Simple work be completed accurately and continuously improved on the premise of full implementation.

Happiness — Treating work as life, life as work, happy work is happy life;

Win-win — Seamless teamwork, collective efforts, willingness to contribute, enterprises and individuals grow together to benefit.

4.Talent Concept

Employees first, people-oriented;

Every employee is a treasure, using and nurturing them well.

Understand the pursuit of employees and help them achieve personal value;

Respect talents, value morality, pay great importance to talents with ability and virtue.

Provide employees with sufficient space and platform for development

Employee’s success is the success of the enterprise, sharing the fruits of enterprise development.

5.Team culture

Five “Everything”:

Trust achieves everything;

Attitude determines everything;

Team is above everything;

System is greater than everything;

Execution is better than everything.

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